Longford Sponsors Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Annual Gala

CHICAGO, October 16, 2022 - Longford Capital Management, LP today announced its sponsorship of the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Annual Gala on November 16. Longford and the CLC look forward to the first in-person Gala since 2019 as an opportunity to reconnect with a community whose long-term devotion to protecting civil rights and advancing racial equity has contributed to demonstrable progress for the City of Chicago. Andrew A. Stulce, a Vice President with Longford Capital, is a member of the CLC Board of Directors.

“For more than 50 years, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights has stood with communities to fight for racial equity and economic opportunity for all,” Stulce said. “The number and severity of attacks on civil rights and civil liberties have grown at an alarming rate in recent years. In response to these affronts to our democracy, CLC is doubling down on its drive to protect voting rights, promote equitable educational opportunities for students of color, and create new housing and economic opportunities for all citizens of Chicago.”

Since 1968, CLC has operated as Chicago’s preeminent non-profit, civil rights legal organization, producing important victories in fair housing, hate crime, education, and other cornerstone civil rights cases. It provides legal representation to individuals and organizations through partnerships with the private bar and collaborates with grassroots and other advocacy groups to implement community-based solutions that advance civil rights.

Its major successes include Lewis v the City of Chicago, a race discrimination class action suit in which a federal court required Chicago to hire by-passed black firefighter applicants and awarded more than $50 million in damages for pensions and loss of opportunities, and Coiley v Delawder, wherein a state court awarded $1.44 million to three young Black men who were brutally beaten in a racially motivated and unprovoked attack near Manteno, Illinois.

Stulce joined the board in early 2022 to serve alongside lawyers from Chicago’s top firms and leaders from local financial services firms, foundations and government agencies. CLC’s Board of Directors has always been composed of dynamic lawyers and other leaders, including former President Barack Obama and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Stulce is responsible for investment sourcing, due diligence, and monitoring of portfolio investments at Longford Capital.

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