Longford Capital provides claim owners and their attorneys with capital to pursue meritorious legal claims.

Longford Capital provides law firms with the ability to transfer risk from alternative fee arrangements.

Our Value Proposition

For Claim Owners

We offer claim owners the opportunity to realize the value of meritorious legal claims. We allow claim owners to pursue claims under a variety of circumstances, including where claim owners:

  • Desire to spread litigation risk and control cost
  • Are unable to make the required investment to pursue a claim
  • Are experiencing liquidity or budget problems
  • Want to create budget certainty
  • Prefer to deploy capital toward core business operations

For Law Firms

Leading law firms utilize litigation finance to provide their clients with alternatives to the hourly billing model, with no downside. Law firms utilize litigation finance to transfer risk in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • To fund portfolios of cases
  • To transfer a portion of their fee risk in contingent fee arrangements
  • To fund out-of-pocket expenses in particular cases
  • To accelerate and smooth collection of receivables
  • As an alternative to bank financing