Longford Capital provides a robust and comprehensive operational infrastructure and controls framework.

Operational Strength & Transparency
Due Diligence & Assessment Controls & Accountability
  • Regular assessments are made to determine in-house capabilities versus functions that can and should be effectively outsourced.
  • Service providers are selected based on stability, reputation, expertise in the asset class, and precision in services provided.
  • A clear control environment is maintained through segregating and defining roles and responsibilities.
  • Outside strategic partners are utilized to provide additional layers of control and objectivity.
Risk Management & Technology Cash Management & Valuation
  • Longford Capital is attentive to the individual risk management requirements of its constituencies.
  • Longford Capital's technology environment and those of its strategic partners are built to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Longford Capital and its strategic partners utilize rigorous cash management controls at both
    the management company and
    Fund levels to manage and protect cash.
  • Longford Capital strives to be a leader in the valuation of this asset class.