Longford Capital Expands Global Reach through Joint Venture and Co-Funding Agreement with JustKapital

Arrangement to Provide Longford Capital with Access to High-Quality Investment Opportunities across Australia and New Zealand

CHICAGO, July 16, 2015 - Longford Capital, an established leader within the litigation finance industry, today announced that it has entered into a joint venture and co-funding agreement with Australian litigation funder JustKapital Litigation Partners Limited (ASX:JKL).

JustKapital offers litigation funding for meritorious legal claims in Australia and New Zealand. JustKapital is led by a team of highly experienced professionals who have a history of success in assessing litigation risk in, among others, breaches of contract, breaches of company law, intellectual property infringement and securities exchange listing rules. JustKapital’s Executive Chairman, Philip Kapp, is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading lawyers, practicing in the areas of private equity, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets.

This joint venture is expected to complement the rich flow of investment opportunities that Longford Capital manages in the United States by providing access to high-quality investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

“The litigation finance asset class is expanding both domestically and internationally at an astounding rate. Demand for commercial litigation finance continues to outpace the supply of dedicated capital and Longford Capital has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on this need by further scaling our operations globally,” reported Bill Strong, chairman, Longford Capital. “We look forward to working directly with Philip Kapp and his great team at JustKapital to expand and further diversify our portfolio and opportunity in the future.”

“Until recently, corporate plaintiffs were forced to expend significant sums to pursue high-value legal claims,” said Timothy Farrell, managing director, Longford Capital. “Litigation finance enables corporate plaintiffs to transfer the risk of pursuing meritorious legal claims and avoid the high cost of litigation without forgoing strong legal claims.”

“This joint venture with Longford Capital represents a significant opportunity for JustKapital by allowing us to forge a strategic relationship with a leading litigation finance firm in the United States that is run by a trusted and highly experienced leadership team. We look forward to working with Bill, Tim and the team at Longford Capital to create long-term value for both organizations,” said JustKapital Executive Chairman, Philip Kapp.

About JustKapital

JustKapital is an emerging litigation funding business offering funding to plaintiffs with meritorious claims, but lacking the resources to pursue them. Cases pursued include business to business claims, breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property rights, claims for liquidators, anti-competitive behavior, misleading and deceptive conduct and professional negligence.

About Longford Capital

Longford Capital is an established leader within the litigation finance industry. Longford Capital provides non-recourse capital solutions to businesses and other organizations involved in high-value disputes with $25 million to more than $1 billion in controversy. Longford Capital typically funds attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred in litigation.

The firm manages a diversified portfolio of legal claims and considers investments in subject matter areas where it has developed considerable expertise, including, business-to-business contract claims, antitrust and trade regulation claims, intellectual property claims (including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret), fiduciary duty claims, fraud claims, claims in bankruptcy and liquidation, domestic and international arbitrations, and a variety of others.

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