Longford Capital Closes Its Largest Law Firm Portfolio Investment

Two-thirds of new fund is now allocated.

CHICAGO, August 27, 2018 - Upon the recent closing of a $67 million portfolio investment with a leading litigation law firm, Longford Capital Management has now allocated more than two-thirds of its current fund - a $500 million fund focused on investments in commercial litigation and the largest private equity fund of its kind in North America. Longford Capital completed fundraising for this fund in August 2017, and is ahead of pace in making investments. The $67 million law firm portfolio follows an earlier $50 million law firm portfolio investment, and other transactions with leading law firms.

Law firm portfolio investing is viewed as a sign of maturity for litigation finance firms. Few firms have sufficient capital or experience to select and invest in a portfolio of cases. Composed of former litigation partners from national law firms, as well as executives with backgrounds in business, finance and private equity, Longford Capital is experienced in constructing diverse portfolios that spread risk over a range of diverse, meritorious cases, enabling leading law firms to reduce risk and satisfy client demands. Leading law firms are approaching Longford Capital at an increasing rate to achieve these benefits.

“While our current fund is the largest private fund dedicated to litigation finance in North America, and perhaps the world, the demand for our capital from leading law firms and corporate litigants is still outpacing our supply of capital,” said William P. Farrell, Jr., Longford Capital managing director and general counsel. “We work with leading law firms throughout the country, in addition to public and private companies of all sizes; we are pleased and impressed with the ever-growing volume of meritorious, commercial claims that seek out our capital.”

About Longford Capital

Longford Capital is a leading private investment company that provides capital solutions to leading law firms, public and private companies, universities, government agencies, and other entities involved in large-scale, commercial legal disputes. Typically, Longford Capital funds attorneys' fees and other costs necessary to pursue meritorious legal claims in return for a share of a favorable settlement or award. The firm manages a diversified portfolio, and considers investments in subject matter areas where it has developed considerable expertise, including, business-to-business contract claims, antitrust and trade regulation claims, intellectual property claims (including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret), fiduciary duty claims, fraud claims, claims in bankruptcy and liquidation, domestic and international arbitrations and a variety of others.