Lawdragon Names Longford Capital Team to 2023 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Litigation Finance

CHICAGO, March 31, 2023 - Today, Lawdragon named Longford Capital’s Cindy S. Ahn, Marc A. Cavan, Timothy S. Farrell, William P. Farrell, Jr., John E. Garda, Russell J. Genet, and Michael A. Nicolas to the 2023 Lawdragon Global Leaders in Litigation Finance.

Lawdragon’s list includes those that have impacted litigation globally by providing financial resources to claimants – not to encourage frivolous litigation, but to support meritorious claims that might not otherwise see their day in court.

This is the fourth year that Lawdragon has published a list dedicated to the litigation finance industry, reflecting the long-term impact the industry is having on litigation globally. Lawdragon selects individuals through a proprietary process that incorporates journalistic research, peer vetting and submissions.

Lawdragon has recognized individual members of the Longford team annually since 2018; this year’s cohort is the largest to date. Longford is pleased to have so many of its members recognized in this manner for their work with leading law firms, corporate claimholders, universities, and others.

“Longford remains at the leading edge of the litigation finance industry,” said Tim Farrell, co-founder and Managing Director of Longford Capital. “With more than $1.2 billion in assets under management, we are collaborating with more clients than ever before, providing innovative solutions to the leading law firms, companies, universities and other entities that aim to limit the risk of pursuing meritorious legal positions, or grow by leveraging meritorious claims as assets.

“The recognition of our peers is deeply rewarding. This year’s decision to recognize so many members of the firm reflects the marketplace’s respect for the breadth of our talent, fierce commitment to our values and hard work on behalf of our clients.”

About Longford Capital

Longford Capital is a leading private investment company that provides capital to leading law firms, public and private companies, universities, government agencies, and other entities involved in large-scale, commercial legal disputes. Longford was one of the first litigation funds in the United States and is among the world’s largest litigation finance companies with more than $1.2 billion in assets under management. Longford offers a broad range of capital solutions to funds attorneys' fees and expenses or otherwise manage the financial risk of pursuing meritorious legal claims in return for a share of a favorable settlement or award. The firm manages a diversified portfolio and considers investments in subject matter areas where it has developed considerable expertise, including, business-to-business contract claims, antitrust and trade regulation claims, intellectual property claims (including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret), fiduciary duty claims, fraud claims, claims in bankruptcy and liquidation, domestic and international arbitrations, claim monetization, insurance matters, and a variety of others.