Lawdragon Recognizes Longford Capital Among Global Leaders in Legal Finance for 2021

CHICAGO, June 25, 2021 - Lawdragon has recognized Longford Capital’s Timothy S. Farrell, William P. Farrell, Jr., Michael A. Nicolas, Cindy S. Ahn, and John E. Garda among the top 100 global leaders in legal finance in 2021.

This is the second year that Lawdragon has published a list dedicated to the litigation finance industry, recognizing the increasing professionalization of the litigation finance industry and the growth of its strategic relationships with global litigation. Selections were based on journalistic reporting, lawyer input, and vetting by clients and peers.

Lawdragon has recognized Longford in its Top Legal Consultants and Advisors Guide since 2018. Longford Capital is pleased to have so many of its members recognized in this manner for their work with leading law firms.

“We are delighted that Lawdragon has recognized so many members of the firm for the fourth consecutive year, especially as this year’s guide was so competitive,” said Tim Farrell, co-founder and Managing Director of Longford Capital. “Longford remains at the leading edge of the litigation finance industry. Now with more than $1.1 billion in assets under management, we are working with more clients than ever before, providing still more innovative solutions to the leading law firms, companies, universities and other entities that aim to limit the risk of pursuing meritorious legal positions, or grow by leveraging meritorious claims as valuable assets. We are composed of business executives and former litigators from top firms, and we do this work because we love it. It is rewarding to be recognized for our work by our peers.”

About Longford Capital

Longford Capital is a private investment company that provides capital to leading law firms, public and private companies, research universities, government agencies, and other entities involved in large-scale, commercial legal disputes. Longford was one of the first litigation funds in the United States and is among the world’s largest litigation finance companies with more than $1 billion in assets under management. Typically, Longford funds attorneys’ fees and other costs necessary to pursue meritorious legal claims in return for a share of a favorable settlement or award. The firm manages a diversified portfolio, and considers investments in subject matter areas where it has developed considerable expertise, including, business-to-business contract claims, antitrust and trade regulation claims, intellectual property claims (including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret), fiduciary duty claims, fraud claims, claims in bankruptcy and liquidation, domestic and international arbitrations, claim monetization, insurance matters, and a variety of others.

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