Longford Capital General Counsel to Serve as Adjunct Professor of Law Teaching Course on Litigation Finance

William P. Farrell, Jr. to Lead Class on Litigation Finance at Baylor University School of Law

CHICAGO, February 24, 2020 - Baylor Law has tapped William P. Farrell, Jr., co-founder, managing director, and general counsel of Longford Capital, to serve as an adjunct professor at the law school and to lead a course on litigation funding. The litigation funding course is a part of Baylor Law’s innovative LL.M. program in litigation management, the first program of its kind.

The Litigation Management program is designed for experienced litigators and trial lawyers and other lawyers who are impacted by litigation. Professors Jim Wren and Liz Fraley, co-directors of the program, included litigation finance as a necessary component of the curriculum.

“Litigation funding must be considered in effective litigation management,” said Professor Wren. “Third party litigation funding is increasingly common and clearly offers benefits to law firms and companies involved in litigation.”

“I am impressed with Baylor’s unique LL.M. program in Litigation Management, the first of its kind,” Mr. Farrell said. “The fact that a leading law school has incorporated a course on litigation finance speaks to the tremendous growth in awareness and acceptance of our industry. Professor Wren and Professor Fraley have developed a practical, useful series of courses that cover the range of topics relevant to commercial litigation. The course on litigation funding explores many aspects of this new form of specialty finance. We will discuss the reasons for the enthusiasm for litigation finance, the fundamentals of litigation funding, and much more.”

About Longford Capital

Longford Capital is a leading private investment company that provides capital solutions to law firms, public and private companies, universities, government agencies, and other entities involved in large-scale, commercial legal disputes. Typically, Longford Capital funds attorneys’ fees and other costs necessary to pursue meritorious legal claims in return for a share of a favorable settlement or award. The firm manages a diversified portfolio and considers investments in subject matter areas where it has developed considerable expertise, including, business-to-business contract claims, antitrust and trade regulation claims, intellectual property claims (including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret), fiduciary duty claims, fraud claims, claims in bankruptcy and liquidation, domestic and international arbitrations and a variety of others.

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